Deep UV Spectra

Deep UV Spectra

Vapor phase deep UV spectra are very well defined and are not influenced by any solvent shift or solvent wavelength cut of limit. The spectra is dependend on the deep UV Lamp used


Fig. 1. A characteristic spectral distribution curve of a deep UV lamp by Ushio Co. in .Japan.

By making the measurements in the gas/vapor phase recording at much shorter wavelengths than in liquid phases become possible. This is a very important advantage because, on average 90% of the maximum absorptivities are observed at wavelengths shorter than 200nm, between 120-199nm.


Fig. 1. (a) Example of chromatogram, at wavelength 191 nm, obtained by GC-DUV.

(b) Spectrum (160–330 nm) of peek eluting at 13.694 min, obtained by GC-DUV.

Moreover, spectral details are dramatically extended and groups of, for example, non aromatic compounds, generally not considered as UV absorbing, can be analyzed with high sensitivity.