Deep Ultra Violet Analyser


Gas Chromatography – Ultra Violet with spectral of short wave lengths of light as a chemical analytical method was first discovered by Dr. Kaye in 1962. From early 1980-ies Dr. Verner Lagesson and licentiate Lagesson-Andrasko have been developing the technology and methods. From 2010 a new technical generation started to emerge, developed by a dedicated team to meet the highest up to date standards and requirements.

Short data

The DUVA 1 is a detector unit designed to operate with any GC. The control interface has in its basic version been adapted to an Ellutia 200 GC. Gas supply to GC-unit controlled through the GIU and interchangeable connections on the rear panel for N2 and He2.

Light pipe: > 10 μ litre volume in interchangeable assembly. Temperature control from ambient to 240°C +- 1°C. UV light source: User Interchangeable