10 November 2013

Max-lab, Lund University, Sweden

Chromalytica has been using one of the worlds most advanced light sources in the development, the synchrotron light generator Max III at www.maxlab.lu.se

sponsored by the EU project Science Link and Region Skåne


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The MAX IV Laboratory consists today of three existing storage rings – MAX I, MAX II and MAX III. A new facility, the MAX IV, is being constructed in the north east of Lund.


MAX-lab is also hosting a highly efficient facility for high-throughput, nanovolume characterization and crystallization of biological macromolecules. It is routinely used to maximize the success rate of initial crystallization trials by sampling the maximum number of conditions using the minimum sample volume.



Related info: MAX-lab has served users for 25 years. In 2011, 931 researchers visited the lab. The users came from 160 universities and institutes in 35 different countries. The visiting researchers wrote in average one article per day of operation time. In average, one PhD thesis was written per week of operation time.




The drawing below shows an overview of the MAX-lab hall.