Corporate governance

Chromalytica is a fairly new company but with intentions to grow. Governance has already from beginning been set to prepare for growth and has from early stage set the rules for times to come. These rules describe rights and responsibilities and are in line with applicable laws, internal rules and processes. Shareholders may exercise their decision-making rights in the company at General Meetings.

The company is operated in accordance with for the every time valid bylaws of the company.

Though Chromalytica AB is not a public and or a publically traded company it is set to be ruled in accordance with such.

External rules

• The Swedish Companies Act

• The Swedish Corporate Governance Code

Internal rules

In addition to the external required rules and regulations Chromalytica AB has adopted additional internal rules that has to be followed by all operating in the company and that regulates the external behaviour related to the broad public, authorities, share holders, suppliers and customers including:

• Code of business ethics

• Group policies and directives, instructions and business processes for approval, control and risk management

• Code of conduct for product development, production, supply and support of products and services