Advisory Board


Ludmilla Lagesson – Andrasko

Doctor of Engineering. 30 years of R&D with GC-UV.

Measurement and documentation of more than 1300 unique Chromalytica AB proprietary spectra in the UV-absorption range





Joakim Lundeberg, Dr, Professor Molecular Biotechnology, Head of Department, Gene Technology, KTH, Stockholm, research leader of: Cancer and stem cells, Molecular tools, Transcript profiling and genotyping,PhD thesis in Biotechnology, Royal Institute of Technology at KTH in 1993. After a postdoctoral period at the Radiumhospital in Oslo he returned to KTH as group leader. Received a professorship in Molecular Biotechnology 2000 at KTH. Today heads the division of Gene Technology, part of the School of Biotechnology located at Science for Life Laboratory. Director of the Genomics platform at Science for Life Laboratory and host of the national infrastructure for massive parallel sequencing center, SNIS



Håkan Bergström, Phd, physics, optics